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Foot Fetishes: 8 FAQs About Why It Happens, Ways to Play, More

Tickling, rubbing, and massaging may all feel immensely better on feet. Humiliation aspect. One psychological element of a foot fetish is humiliation. Feet are often considered “below” people ...

The Sisters Of Power, A Story Of Foot Humiliation - The MousePad

The Sisters Of Power, A Story Of Foot Humiliation . parker2k. 4. Registered. parker2k. 4. Post Jun 26, 2010 #1 2010-06-26T07:17. Anger surged through Ray like a ...

Explore the Best Foothumiliation Art | DeviantArt

footfetish footdomination footworship humiliation smellyfeet feet barefoot exposed footsmelling foot. Step sister's foot slave. xietang00. 35 Comments. 1.2K Favourites. Stinky punishment. xietang00. 11 Comments. 1.1K Favourites.

Humiliated at Gf's feet (NF) - The MousePad

This is well written. Would love to see a fiction sequel to this. I already have a stream of consciousness going on some twists and turns this could take, and have a very humiliating vibe as she gets more and more disgusted and wants to stay 'friends' but with foot benefits for her ego, and no nookie or releases for you, unless of course you do it some humiliating fashion so other girls find ...

The smell of humiliation - The MousePad

And I was left with nothing but an intense feeling of shame, defeat and humiliation, along with a vivid sensation of female foot odour lingering in my nostrils. Post Oct 20, 2016 #5 2016-10-20T19:03 Regarding "Stable princess", I just started writing a continuation.

The Psychopath (F/M, humiliation) - The MousePad

Inside the car, it all seemed unreal, like I had woken up from a nightmare and could finally breathe. Rita's piercing green eyes as she slapped me, the smell of her feet, the humiliation, the surprising cruelty… No way I was going back to that, I thought as I drove off.

Pleasing the Bully (Short Story) by TobyMcDee on DeviantArt

Her feet were so dirty, it seemed like it took forever. Finally, after what felt like hours, her feet were clean. She looked at them, and gave me a look of approval. - Hm, good, you did a good job, of course, I can't wear my dirty socks now after you've cleaned my feet. That would kind of ruin your good work..

My kinky life as a ‘foot hooker’ - New York Post

TOOTSY ROLL: These feet netted Olivia $200 an hour from well-heeled fetishists. ( ) It’s hard to get a leg up in this town — so one college student is getting a foot in the door instead. After ...

Feet Stories - Wattpad

Choose Your Giant (M/M Vore) by IDEK. 42.3K 99 4. In a world where small fairies roam the Earth but are hunted by humans and scarce in population, Sam is forced to live disguised as a human, for fear that he will be eat... gummy. gay.

Family Slave (F/F) - The MousePad - Tapatalk

Family Slave (F/F) My name is Elizabeth Byron. I am 17 years old, have strawberry blonde hair and pale, freckly skin. I am thin and fairly pretty, at least that's what people used to tell me. When I was 11 my mother left and my dad got remarried to a beautiful woman named Vanessa. Vanessa also has 2 children from a previous marriage, Tara who ...